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People often ask - who are Luke Hughes and who are our clients?


Luke Hughes comprises a team of specialists who design, engineer & deliver furniture for notable buildings. Their combined actions define and fulfill the needs of clients by providing tailored or bespoke furniture for places of learning, business, worship, culture & leisure.


Our job, therefore, is to keep buildings relevant in a rapidly changing world whilst maintaining their architectural integrity and evoking their genuine character.


Buildings are like stage-sets – they need furniture and people to bring them to life


Buildings have little function until there is a chair to sit on and a table to sit at. Yet a great architectural interior can be severely diminished with the wrong furniture. So, our aim is for the furniture to appear as a seamless extension of the architecture, looking logical and appropriate - as though it has always been there. 


The building types are as diverse as the Romanesque chapel in William the Conqueror’s Tower of London, or a campus building by Norman Foster. Clients are as diverse as the Trade Union Congress or The Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace. Our custom furniture designs, therefore, span the contemporary to the classical.


In the last few years, our work has become increasingly international


With a growing number of international projects, especially in Singapore, China and the USA, our clients now include Harvard and Yale Universities, more than 80 percent of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, 30 private schools, 19 major academic libraries, 24 cathedrals, more than 120 parish churches, 7 national museums, 5 royal palaces, 2 Supreme Courts and 5 synagogues.


Our furniture is designed to work


Our custom furniture is engineered to last at least 50 years or more. We achieve this, quite uniquely, by combining our expertise in creative craftwork and high precision, industrial production. Although designs are always respectful of context - striving to be accomplished, discreet and restrained – they are also rugged, robust, and built to last.


Our clients understand the difference between price and value. They are wise enough to invest for the long-term (which ultimately carries a much lower total cost of ownership and a higher return) and our particular skill is to see beyond the immediate needs of a project in order to deliver this lasting value for owners.


This also means collaborating with the architects and other professionals who are integral to the process. Our hope is to create a partnership for life. In fact, some of our clients in Oxford and Cambridge have already been coming back to us, time and again, for nearly 30 years.


We like that.