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Furniture, especially seating, greatly impacts on the interior architecture of lecture halls, auditoria and theatres. Many of these spaces are now under pressure to be increasingly ‘flexible’, where seating can be easily removed or reconfigured to support a wide range of uses, from solo-speaker illustrated lectures to concert and cinema performances.

We have been designing memorable, functional and elegant auditorium and lecture theatre seating and interiors for 35 years. In our ‘total design’ philosophy, multiple key factors in the design of such spaces combine and affect each other to create successful venues appropriate to their architectural setting and specific purpose:

Lighting, which should include clear ambient provision and be capable of producing a variety of ‘moods’ to suit the various functions;

  •  Acoustics, a subtle art and science which should support voice projection, not inhibit it, and to which even the seating design and materials contribute;
  • Provision for the technology not only of today but tomorrow, as far as possible; reliable and high-speed wifi, smart and intelligently controlled AV systems, screens and projectors. Attention must be paid to loudspeaker positions, cable routes etc.
  • Dais furniture, e.g. lecterns, lecturers’ tables and inbuilt on-stage AV controls for the speakers;
  • Climate control, air circulation, heating and ventilation; and…
  • …Of course, the furniture.

Ceremonial furniture such as cable-managed lecterns and speakers’ seating, desks and tables provides a major focus for these interiors, both visually and in terms of hiding audio-visual equipment. In a much more subtle way it must also express the corporate values of the institution in question.

We have, over the years, worked with many architects and in a wide variety of architecturally significant interiors, to devise aesthetically pleasing but reliably practical solutions so all these aims can be realised. We devise numerous materials palettes for ancient or modern environments, calling on the depth of our experience to choose timber, stainless steel, leather, glass and fabrics to suit.

But we believe that the first and most important aspect of our work in any interior, of whatever age or intention, is to understand its people. These are always our first questions: how will this space be used? How can we give its users the best possible experience? Luke Hughes and Company’s comprehensive portfolio of theatres, lecture halls and auditoria is testament to our success.

Call or email Alison Bregstein at LHCL if you want to know more about how we can make your lecture hall or auditorium work for you – on many levels. 



Please feel free to call or email Alison Bregstein at Luke Hughes if you have a lecture theatre or auditorium project you would like to discuss.

keystone theatre2

Our practice of ‘total design’ is much in evidence in the radical overhaul of these two lecture theatres in Beijing’s exclusive and highly regarded Keystone Academy. Here, we took on an entire design package, dealing with acoustics, sight-lines, lighting, the angle of the seating rake, and even air-conditioning, as well as the furniture itself. Upholstered benches were again the best choice, having the added advantage that more younger pupils fit into the seat length, thus increasing capacity by more than 30 per cent for children and 25 per cent for adults.


Merton’s state of the art (and revenue-generating!) conference facility consists of the main 140-seat auditorium and three breakout/seminar rooms. We designed the elegant fully-upholstered leather seating and all the loose furniture for the facility, working closely with the architects and college Bursars. Writing tablets are concealed in the seat arms; the oak and stainless steel fittings and fixtures are impeccably detailed, with the projection screen concealed behind full-height sliding oak panelling.


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